There are no foreign countries…

... just a world of opportunities.

The Big Leap

Savvy business owners know the benefits of going global. They understand that succeeding internationally can not only bring in a world of new sales, but also makes a company more resilient, profitable, and competitive here at home.

But many are hesitant to take the first big leap. The exporter's learning curve can be daunting, and the risks of wasting time and money on ineffective approaches or being blindsided by unexpected cultural, logistical, or legal complications are very real. An experienced, trusted advisor who can help you avoid potential pitfalls while making the most of opportunities can be the difference between frustration and success.

A Trusted, Experienced Advisor

If your business already has a good track record at home and you have the capacity and willingness to invest in international expansion, having an experienced advisor at your side may be just what you need to succeed.

Swift Passage can provide the clarity to know if it's time to take the leap and help you navigate the path to global success when you do.

During the planning phase, we conduct research and help develop a strategic action plan for entering your most promising global markets. Then, depending on your needs in the execution phase, we can continue in a hands-on role or step back and stand by to provide training and advisory services as needed.